Citizens of Michigan got some bad news on Friday. Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the “stay-at-home” order for the state of Michigan until June 12th. Store owners and the citizens of Michigan are 100% FED Up! with the tyrannical governor and are visiting other states like Indiana who are open for business.

Indiana is even advertising for business with a billboard along the Indiana-Michigan border that says come on over to the Hoosier side where there is no stay-at-home order:

“The Great State of Indiana welcomes Michiganders to a Free-To-Roam State. We Thank You for the Revenue!”

The owner and author of the billboard said the message is meant as a positive one:

“We go to parks, we can go to restaurants, we can go to the lake, you can fish, you can boat, etc. Where Michigan’s Gov. Whitmer is actually locking things down even more and people are frustrated.”

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