It’s being reported that an IRS agent ‘handcuffed a summer intern and raped her’. Horrible! What’s even more horrible is that the IRS agent stayed on the job for months after! The attack happened last July but the agent is just now being charged.

This agent is a married father of three who handcuffed the 21-year old college student and locked her in his government-issued car. He then put a gun in her mouth and raped her.


The agent, Jamie Clarke, invited the unpaid intern to a bar after work. He offered to give her a ride to the train station. When shoe got in his car, he attacked her. He then drove her to the train station and attacked her again.

The intern reported the attack to 911 immediately and went to the hospital. The IRS agent was never arrested.

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He remained on the job for months but is now being arraigned in court.


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