In his best effort to lend credibility to the mantra, “if you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t trying,” Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign proves they are indeed trying, evidenced by the fact that they are in fact cheating.

In the tweets below, several posters reveal that they no longer live in the left-coast state, but that didn’t stop Newsom’s gang from making sure they received mail-in ballots…sent to them at their new homes, in their new states.



A reminder about the security of mail-in ballots from one amused poster:

But remember, the American elections are the most safe and secure in all the world hahahahahaha


As it turns out, mailing out-of-state residents California ballots is only one weapon in Democrat’s election fraud arsenal. How else would you explain the strategically placed holes that are punched through one side of the envelope through which a voter’s intent; recall “yes” or “no” can be easily ascertained?

Who can really blame Gavin Newsom for going the extra mile to hold onto power? He’s seen Democrats do it their entire lives, “by any means necessary”. What’s a little cheating on the governor-level going to hurt, when the presidential election was stolen in broad daylight, and nothing has been done to rectify the theft.

If you live in California (or another state but receive a CA recall ballot), remember, Larry Elder’s name is on the back of the ballot. You can support his campaign by clicking:

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