“Anyone who draws a parallel between us and VW … is smoking illegal material.”Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne

We don’t know whether the charges against Fiat Chrysler by Obama’s EPA are accurate or not. One thing we do know however, is that much like the announcement today that Obama’s DOJ will be going after FBI Director James Comey,  the timing of this announcement by Obama’s EPA is certainly suspicious. 

Only 4 days ago Fiat Chrysler US confirmed the next phase of its industrialization plan by announcing a total $1 billion investment in plants in Michigan and Ohio, and the addition of 2,000 new American jobs. Consistent and combined with previously announced investments, FCA US is further demonstrating its commitment to strengthening its U.S. manufacturing base, and aligning U.S. capacity to extend the Jeep® product lineup. In total, FCA US has committed investments of more than $9.6 billion in its U.S. manufacturing facilities and created 25,000 new jobs to date since 2009.

Many were giving Trump credit for creating a more business, and specifically manufacturing friendly environment that seems to be created a tsunami of good news in the way of US manufacturing. The only down side, is that it’s shining a pretty big spotlight on the failures of our current over-regulating, punitive administration that has made it almost if not entirely impossible to compete with other countries to manufacture here, in the US. With all the egg Obama and his regime seem to be getting on their faces over the past couple of months, is it really all that surprising that the EPA would make an announcement that would harm Fiat-Chrysler sales and their reputation on the way out the door? 

Detroit CBSlocal – Fiat Chrysler is denying government charges that some of its diesel vehicles violate federal clean air standards.

CEO of Fiat Chrysler Sergio Marchionne saying the allegations are a surprise to him – calling it “absolute nonsense,” reports WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert.


“There was never any intent … of creating conditions that were designed to defeat the testing process,” he says.

The comparison to the issues VW is facing regarding deceptive emissions testing is one Marchionne refuses to make. “Anyone who draws a parallel between us and VW … is smoking illegal material.

“The way in which it has been described I think is unfair to us and that’s the thing that bothers me most.”

The U.S. government is accusing Fiat Chrysler of failing to disclose software in some of its pickups and SUVs with diesel engines that allows them to emit more pollution than allowed under the Clean Air Act.

EPA Assistant Administrator Cynthia Giles saying emissions software on those vehicles were not disclosed. “Those software elements – not being disclosed in Fiat Chrysler’s required application for certification means that the vehicles were sold illegally.”

The Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday it had issued a “notice of violation” to the company that covers about 104,000 vehicles including the 2014 through 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram pickups, all with 3-liter diesel engines. The California Air Resources Board took similar action.

Fiat Chrysler said in a statement that its emissions control systems “meet the applicable requirements.”

The company said it was disappointed with the EPA’s action and intends to work with the incoming Trump administration to present its case. Fiat Chrysler said it spent months giving information to the EPA to explain its emissions technology and proposed a number of actions including software changes to address the agency’s concerns.

Fiat Chrysler’s shares fell more than 16 percent after the news was announced to $9.29.

If the company is found guilty of this charge they could face huge penalties.

Marchionne says the company will work with the new administration to show they are compliant with all EPA standards

But of course…

Like a puppy that’s been left home alone to run around the home all day, someone’s gonna have a lot of cleaning up to do once the Chicago contingent moves out of DC…

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