As if this presidential race couldn’t get any crazier…rumors abound that Mitt Romney might jump in and stir things up a bit. The problem is that Romney failed in his strategy of being Mr. Nice Guy and not attacking which really let Obama just steamroll over him in 2012. Not a good idea!

Colorful former Trump adviser Roger Stone thinks 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney is thinking about getting back in the presidential race. Stone tweeted his suspicion, and told CNN he had heard that Romney was considering a run from his sources.

The move could indicate Romney sees an opportunity to better confront and challenge front-runner Donald Trump. Some see current establishment standard bearer former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush as flailing. Trump has mocked Bush for being “just flat” on the campaign trail and Sunday called him a “low energy” candidate.

Romney publicly considered a third run as recently as January, but decided against it, after he lost most of his valuable donor base to Bush, and the massive prospective Republican field proved too unpredictable.

Romney ran for president in 2012, and lost the nomination to Sen. John McCain in 2008. Romney supporters point to Ronald Reagan’s three attempts at the White House — 1968, 1976, before his successful win in 1980, as evidence that Romney has a chance.


The man who floated this rumor, Trump’s former adviser Stone, has a history almost as colorful as that of his former boss. Stone was an aide to President Richard Nixon, and remains one of Nixon’s staunchest defenders. He is known for his penchant for expensive but elaborate dress clothes, which are often a departure from the more understated nature of most political menswear.

He has been described as a “self-admitted hit man for the GOP” by the Daily Beast, is a popular presence on Twitter, and allegedly, has a tattoo of his former boss — Nixon— on his back.

Via: Washington Examiner

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