The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) finally released their findings of a recent outbreak of covid in Provincetown, Massachusetts: Read Report Here.

The study reports 74% of those infected during the outbreak were previously vaccinated:

“In July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, town, 469 COVID-19 cases were identified among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons. Testing identified the Delta variant in 90% of specimens from 133 patients. Cycle threshold values were similar among specimens from patients who were fully vaccinated and those who were not.”

It’s important to point out that none of the covid patients in this study died and just a few were hospitalized.


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Jennifer Nuzzo, an epidemiologist with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told the Washington Post that the new CDC guidance on indoor masking for vaccinated people applies to communities with substantial transmission, and Provincetown on July 3 had low levels of virus.

“What this tells us is we need much more context and better data to guide whether and when vaccinated people should wear masks because following CDC’s new guidance wouldn’t have stopped this outbreak from occurring,” Nuzzo said.

AIDS and gay rights activist Peter Staley tweeted to explain why the CDC’s Provincetown study that they’re using to justify new mask mandates may be fatally flawed. Epidemiologist Jennifer Nuzzo commented on the tweet below by saying Staley’s information is “really important behavioral context.”

Staley reports that the CDC is using a sample that is 85% male and they chose a weekend in Provincetown called “Bear Week” that included activities that will spread COVID-19:

Staley says the study is skewed:

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