The world watched in horror as videos emerged of Chinese citizens being chased down the street by police officers who beat them with sticks for not wearing a mask in public. Around the world, citizens living in free nations took comfort in the idea that these types of Gestapo tactics would never be allowed to happen…right?

In Michigan, alone, where the Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer made mask-wearing mandatory early on in the COVID pandemic, there have been at least two reported deaths tied to citizens being told to wear government mandated masks.

The first mask related death took place in early May, a 43-year-old father of nine and Family Dollar Store security guard Calvin James Munerlyn, lost his life trying to uphold Governor Whitmer’s controversial face-covering executive order.

On July 17, 100 Percent Fed Up reported about a violent confrontation in a Michigan store turned deadly, and the local Sheriff admitted there is a possibility of more violence because of the order to wear a mask.

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Michigan State Police report that Sean Ruis, 43, got into a fight with a mask-wearing older man at the Quality Dairy in Dimondale, Michigan, on Tuesday.

Ruis was refused service for not wearing a mask then stabbed the 77-year-old man before fleeing in his car. When a local Eaton County deputy tracked down the car, Ruis got out of his car, brandishing two knives and a screwdriver. The deputy repeatedly told him to drop the weapons, but he lunged at her, and she fired about five rounds.

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She backed away from him while repeatedly ordering him to drop the weapon, but he continued to advance and attack, and she acted in defense of her life.” -Eaton County Sheriff’s Office Statement Ruis died during surgery.

Conservative British personality Paul Joseph Watson shared an incredible video that was taken in Australia of a white woman being arrested by a male police officer who uses his knees to restrain her once he gets her on the ground.

When asked about this footage at today’s press conference @DanielAndrewsMP says this violence is perfectly justified and that Victoria Police is doing an outstanding job. I’ll let the footage speak for itself.

What do you think? Should any free nation, especially the United States of America, use force to make citizens wear face coverings during the COVID pandemic? Does anyone think this whole mask thing will go away after the COVID pandemic has fizzled out? What about the next flu season?

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