After the SuperBowl, one of the ads stirring up the most controversy was about Jesus.

I suppose that’s always a good thing when a lot of people are talking about Jesus.

Many loved the ad…

Others thought it missed the mark and was pushing an agenda.

Here were my thoughts:

Woke Jesus SuperBowl Ad Causing A Lot Of Controversy — What Did You Think?

As I've reflected on it more and heard from some people who I respect explain why they loved it, I can see the merits to the ad.

I think it was close.  Very close.

I think the tagline is what bothers me the most.


It's so "ME" focused.  "US" focused.

The Bible makes clear that while God loves and cares for us immensely, and created us, the focus isn't on us.  It's ultimately HIS story.  You know the old pun...."history" is just "His Story".

And while the focus of the Bible is clearly God and not us, it also makes clear that we are called to follow HIS WAY.  The early Christians were known as Followers of the Way.

There isn't a Biblical message I can find that says "God Gets Us" and he conforms to us.

And that's the beef I have with the ad.

So I'm split.

But now I wanted to advance the story because Jamie Bambrick on YouTube redid the ad and he's asking if this is the version they should have ran:

Bravo Jamie!

Very well done, I love it!

And the tagline at the end is fixed.

It's no longer "He Gets Us"'s now a stream of taglines that are MUCH MORE in line with what I think it should have said.


Backup here:

Do you like this version better?

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