DISCLAIMER: I’m having a little fun with this headline, just like this lady did with her video.  I’m not saying this is actually Tucker’s biological daughter.  Tucker, don’t sue me bro!  

Ok, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s have some fun.

Because this is UNCANNY!  And absolutely hilarious!

I don’t know if this lady truly just looks and sounds like Tucker, or if she’s great at impersonations and this was a clever way to post a video, or if it’s somehow enhanced with AI….I’ll leave it to the comments section to speculate on which is true.

All I know is this is incredible to watch.

The hair….

The mannerisms….

The facial expressions….

The voice!

It’s all so spot on.

Tucker’s long-lost secret daughter?

Maybe fraternal twin is more like it!

Ok, just watch here:

Full video player here is that is easier for you:

The more you watch, the more incredible it becomes!

I don’t know what else to say about this, the video just speaks for itself.

You’ll probably want to watch about 4-5 times and then after you’ve watched on repeat leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Tucker, don’t sue me bro, I’m a big fan!  And so is this woman apparently!

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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