We keep hearing from different people that America doesn’t have problem with Muslims and ISIS. Well, here’s proof that we do! We have immigrants that wish to harm us with the help of ISIS so shouldn’t we try and get our ducks in a row by having a moratorium on Muslim refugees? Seems like the common sense and safe thing to do!

A sixth man has been charged in an ISIS recruitment plot tied to Brooklyn.

Azizjon Rakhmatov, 28, originally from Uzbekistan, helped fund the foiled trip of Akhror Saidakhmetov and Adburasul Juraboev to Turkey and Syria so they could join ISIS, Brooklyn federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Both men were arrested before they were able to leave the country. The Brooklyn group allegedly had plans to join ISIS, kill President Obama and bomb Coney Island.

Rakhmatov, with three other previously arrested men — Abror Habibov, Dilkhayot Kasimov and Akmal Zakirov — helped to fund Saidakhmetov’s pursuit of joining the terrorist organization. He had discussions with Habibov about paying for Saidakhmetoy’s travel expenses and eventually buying him a gun upon his arrival to Syria.

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Rakhmatov, federal authorities said, had gone as far as to transfer money into Zakirov’s bank account to fund the trip. He pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court.

He is charged with conspiring and attempting to provide material support to ISIS and for conspiring to use a firearm. If convicted, Rakhmatov will face up to 50 years in prison.

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