On Thursday, Biden is addressing the country regarding the new omicron variant and the new COVID protocol to be implemented nationwide. These measures include increased COVID testing, quarantine periods, and even a potential 7-day lockdown for all those entering the country from abroad.

The Washington Post reports that US Officials will force Americans reentering the country (even if they are vaccinated) to be subject to more testing and quarantine protocols. Travelers to the US will have to be tested for COVID one day before their flight. There is additional reporting that Biden will force people to get tested again 3-5 days after entering/returning to the US.

A more extreme protocol is also being debated which would require all travelers, regardless of vaccine status and/or COVID test results, to quarantine for 7 days after entering the US. Fox News journalist Peter Doocy announced that in Thursday’s announcement “they are going to announce some of the strictest COVID regulations yet on American citizens, including (according to the Washington Post) all Americans who return from abroad to quarantine in their house for up to 7 days.”

“There are a lot of questions. How do you enforce that?” asked Doocy, “Do you send somebody to the door of somebody that just came back from overseas, regardless of vaccination status or testing status, to make sure that they are home?”

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Also on Fox News, Glenn Greenwald, an American journalist and lawyer who lives abroad, was asked how he feels about the prospect of having to quarantine for 7 days after entering the US. Greenwald answered with his dismay regarding how the US is approaching COVID regulations. “It is hard to express, or put into words, how divorced the discourse around COVID is in the United States from the science that we were all supposed to follow,” replied Greenwald, “If you have a negative test, if you’re vaccinated, what conceivable justification is there for even considering such a grave deprivation of liberty as forcing you for 7 days to lose the core freedom of movement over a virus that we’re told there’s an effective vaccine for?”

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Greenwald brings attention to how the Biden administration preaches the importance of listening to the “science” and trusting the “science”… yet, at the same time, they themselves are completely ignoring the science. They distrust the effectiveness of the vaccine and COVID testing and therefore want to impose even stricter measures on the country.

Greenwald continued, “I feel like we’re being trained to simply accept the assertion of any authority in the name of safety without even questioning it any longer.” US citizens continue to happily follow protocol after protocol, all the while making such a huge deal about how important the vaccination is. They aren’t even stopping to think that, if the vaccine is so great, why do we need so many mandates and protocols

Today, the CDC demanded all airlines release contact information and names of those passengers who flew into the country from certain African countries in the last 14 days. These passengers will be tracked down and forced to take a COVID test.

Meanwhile, in Australia, all international travelers are being forced to be immediately quarantined for 14 days in a specified hotel regardless of vaccination status.

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