VOX is a far-left publication that frequently appears in the newsfeeds of apps viewed by young teens and millennials. Almost 100% of their so-called “news” is liberal propaganda. Tonight, their editor Laura McGann took to Twitter to trash Senator John McCain, only hours after he died of brain cancer.

While many Americans may have disagreements with how John McCain conducted himself as a Senator, there are very few people who could argue, that he deserves to be honored for his service to our country. He was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict and was a decorated United States veteran.

Vox editor Laura McGann, however,  was able to reduce his service to our nation down to one tweet about his choice for Vice President when he ran against Barack Obama in 2008, as the GOP candidate for President.

VOX editor Laura McGann tweeted:

Today, I’m told, we should pretend John McCain didn’t pick Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.

And then, Twitter responded.

Alex Arena started it off with this tweet:

Today, you should have the basic human decency to give those grieving the loss of an American hero space to breathe. Publishing a political hit-piece upon the death of someone who gave so much for their country is really sick.

“abhi” admonished McGann:

Literally no one is pretending that he didn’t. We’ve just decided that for the time being, let’s honor his life.

Mel Myers tweeted:

Take the high road here Laura. I expect more for a Vox editor.

Car Gustav, Asst to the Regional Manager simply tweeted:

You’re a shit person.

“McKee” tweeted an image suggested that she “cut” the disrespect…

This Twitter user suggested that the Vox editor “rethink” her life.

Stephen called McGann a “terrible human being”


“Lou” blasted her, tweeting:

Laura this isn’t clever. It doesn’t make you super smart for bringing up something critical. Not today. I hope you never know the pain of what the McCain family has suffered. And if you do, I hope people treat you with more grace than you’ve shown today.

Josh Webb-Thomson tweeted:

So, you’ve decided to be a piece of shit to someone that just died…

Even the self-described “liberalist of Democrat” slammed McGann with this response:

Wow. I’m the liberalist of Democrats – but you can respect and honor his service. And even articulate those times he made bad calls. But the snark here is uncalled for.

Rob Reber tweeted:

The fact that you reduce his lifetime of service to this says a lot more about you than him.


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