As the media attacks against our President intensify, millions of Trump supporters become even more resolute to defend and support him. It’s interesting to note, that some of the most notable attacks on President Trump over the past week don’t have anything to do with Russia. It’s almost as though ever since President Trump demanded that the FISA warrant for Carter Page and FBI text messages are declassified without redaction, the media has moved away from the phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative??

Just in the past 3 weeks, an anonymous op-ed was published in the Trump-hating New York Times, from a “senior officials in the White House”. Last week, Diane Feinstein dropped a bombshell about an anonymous letter from a woman, who turned out to be a Democrat activist. In her letter, that was delivered in July to Senator Feinstein, Christine Blasey Ford accused Trump’s US Supreme Court Justice candidate, Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault 36 years ago. And only yesterday, the New York Times dropped another bombshell, claiming Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire to reveal “the chaos” inside President Trump’s White House, to use as evidence to help invoke the 25th Amendment, used to remove a sitting President who is deemed “unfit” to serve.

Last night, however, over 11,000 Americans showed their allegiance to President Trump and his steadfast resolve to “drain the swamp”, as they flocked to the Missouri State University campus to support our President and to hear  Trump speak.

It was a sea of red. The number of people who wore “Make America Great Again” caps and pro-Trump shirts far outweighed a few hundred protesters gathered near the entrance of the arena.

Fans of the president were in a celebratory mood. They took photos with a life-sized cardboard cutout of Trump and proudly showed off their apparel.

Protesters, though fewer in number, were loud as they led chants and hoisted homemade signs.

The line of ticket holders snaked several blocks around MSU’s campus, on streets that were blocked off by patrol cars and snow plows. The arena’s seats filled up long before everyone could get in. –Springfield News Leader

John Brown, a reporter who attended the incredible event, tweeted an image of the line. In his tweet, Brown claimed that the line was 2 miles long and that the first people in line started at about 5:30 am. 

“AnythingWithWheels” tweeted a couple of great pictures showing the crowd, standing in the rain, as they wait to get into Trump’s rally. He claims the photo only reveals a “small portion” of the crowd.

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“Trump rally impossible to get into” because of the massive line of Trump supporters.

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Inside the rally, Trump supporters were on fire, as President Trump walked into the venue to a rock-star reception:

Americans are traveling from all over the United States to see President Trump at his high-energy, rock-star-like rallies.

The Springfield News Leader was at the MAGA event.

The first people in line, Trisha and Dave Hope, set up their canopy and lawn chairs by 5:30 p.m. the previous night.

The Houston, Texas couple said it was their fourth Trump rally since August.

“I’m in real estate,” Trisha Hope said. “It really matters what the economy does. And the economy is booming and my business is booming. My taxes are lower. My income is higher.”

Another Trump supporter who said she’d found her people was Brenda Rounds.

Rounds and her husband moved to Nixa from the Sacramento area three months ago. She said they were the only Republicans living in their neighborhood in California.

“It was very frightening and I couldn’t go out at night,” Rounds said. “… People ought to realize how grateful you should be to say you’re a Republican here.”

While Rounds said she was afraid she would get “beat up” for publicly talking about her political beliefs in California, she said she’s experienced “openness and warmth” in Missouri.

“God bless the people in this state,” Rounds said. “The peace, the non-hostility and the respect.”

Like many of the Trump supporters, Phyllis McCormick of Forsyth was dressed in red. The back of her T-shirt read “Widow of a Vietnam Vet.”

Here’s the part the left and the mainstream media don’t get. Americans who support our President, support him because he still believes these things matter:

Today’s joint rally with President Trump and AG Josh Hawley began with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem




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