The incident today, where Joe Biden stumbled three times going up the Air Force One stairs made social media erupt with jokes about the incident. Donald Trump Jr. got in on the jokes with a video that mockingly showed his father hitting a golf ball, and then Biden falling up the stairs. The same video was used when Hillary Clinton fell up the stairs on the tarmac. This is priceless…

Donald Trump Jr. was on the money when he tweeted that the media would give Biden the “soft treatment” for falling up the stairs of Air Force One today. The media has all but ignored the incident that would have been a major news story if President Trump fell. According to left-leaning Daily Mail, none of the US’s major news outlets had reported on Biden’s fall this afternoon.

The reason given for why Biden tripped twice and then fell up the stairs is that it was windy on the tarmac.  Biden’s White House Deputy Press Secretary covered for him by saying he was “100 percent fine” and that she almost feel coming up the stairs: “It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself.”

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It was interesting because the wind gusts were 19mph at Joint Base Andrews when Biden was boarding the plane. According to Daily Mail, the internationally recognized Beaufort Scale officially categorizes 19mph wind gusts as a ‘fresh breeze.’ A fresh breeze knocked Biden over?

Watch the video below of Biden boarding Air Force One. The 78-year-old stumbled twice on the stairs leading to the aircraft, then fell over a third time. After standing and brushing off his knees, Biden continued up to the aircraft and disappeared inside.

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This incident occurs just one day after Biden referred to Vice President Kalama Harris as “President Harris” in his speech about the number of COVID vaccines that have been administered since his time in office began. This series of events just adds to the already strong speculation regarding Biden’s mental and physical health.

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