CNN’s Don Lemon shocked his viewers with the comment that changes are coming and the sudden cancellation of his show. He announced the “end of an era” and then teased with a “tune in tonight at 10” to find out what was going on with his show. His viewers panicked.

Lemon’s strategy was to get attention for the announcement of renaming his show but it backfired completely when he took it too far. His loyal viewers were ticked at him. This is NOT the way to attract viewers!

He commented like he was leaving CNN and teased with this:

“Exclusive video on CNN Tonight at 10pE….. less than an hour away. It will break your heart and infuriate you at the same time. Trust me; you don’t want to miss it. And I want to hear from you.”

Has there ever been a more narcissistic anchor on TV? The only change is the show is now named after him!

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Lemon was giddy with the news that people were freaking out after he teased with the comment saying it’s the  ‘end of an era’ but said he’s not leaving the propaganda news network CNN.

In the video below, he tells his viewers to “relax” and says, “I’m not leaving”:

So the few people who watch Lemon were relieved, right? No! They were furious that he would leave them hanging!

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