Rep. Devin Nunes joined Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss Big Tech and their effort to destroy Parler. He said it’s worse than he even imagined. The problem is that politicians in DC who could have done something about Big Tech, remained clueless until it was too late.

Rep. Nunes called for prosecution of Big Tech for racketeering investigation:

“This is clearly a violation of antitrust, civil rights, the RICO statute. There should be a racketeering investigation on all the people that coordinated this attack on not only a company but on all of those like us, like me, like you, Maria.”

Parler is temporarily down because of Amazon’s move to take them off of their server. They will be back stronger than ever. This is not the end of Parler.

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Parler Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff spoke with Tucker Carlson:


“In China you have state-run media. In the United States, you have a media-run state.”

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