Fired former FBI Director Comey wishes he’d left out one particular paragraph in his book. He told the women on The View that he regrets including one paragraph about President Donald Trump’s physical appearance in the book.  It’s not for the reasons any normal person with a soul would feel regretful about discussing someone’s appearance. Nope, Comey is all about himself. He wishes he’d left the paragraph out because he feels it’s been a way for critics to attack the book. Not because he took a second look and realized attacking President Trump was just an unkind thing to do and not the right thing to do. This guy is a real putz…

Comey has been on just about every show hawking his new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.

The book takes numerous swipes at president Trump and even includes his interactions with Trump before being fired last May.

Critics of the book have commented that Comey seems petty. He discusses Trump’s hands, hair, height and skin color. All very petty and things only a bitter ex-employee would say.

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Comey has been described by current and former FBI employees as a scumbag and jackass…


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After the interview with James Comey on ABC’s 20/20 Sunday night, it’s crystal clear how current and former FBI agents feel about the fired FBI director.  The Daily Beast got a front row seat to the flurry of angry text messages and other communications from several FBI agents during and after the interview.  The Daily Beast is a liberal rag so it’s interesting that they chose to cover the reactions from seven current or former FBI agents. They might not have expected that Comey’s own people are calling him a “jackass” and “self centered”…


During the interview with ABC’s Stephanopoulos , there was a lot of anger, frustration, and even more emojis—featuring the thumbs-down, frowny face, middle finger, and a whole lot of green vomit faces.

One former FBI official sent a bourbon emoji as it began; another sent the beers cheers-ing emoji. The responses became increasingly angry and despondent as the hourlong interview played out. –Daily Beast

Jana Winter of The Beast adds that when a promo aired between segments advertising Comey’s upcoming appearance with The View, the official “grew angrier.”

“Good lord, what a self-serving self-centered jackass,” the official said. “True to form he thinks he’s the smartest guy around.”

A current official with the FBI said it was strange how Comey seemed so pleased with how things played out. “It’s how happy he looked on TV while cashing in on the biggest mistake in history. His mistake,” they said. “Jim Comey made that mistake. We all just wonder what could have been and what we could’ve done to change it.”

One longtime Team Comey source—who is still an FBI agent—sent thumbs-up emojis repeatedly during the first half hour, but even this loyalist began to lose patience by the halfway mark—sending a frowny face. A few minutes later there was a nauseous emoji, and then a poop emoji after the final segment. –
Another source who works frequently with the FBI
said they wouldn’t watch the extended cut of the interview.

“Didn’t watch it—I don’t care, he’s basically a scumbag. I don’t know how they’re letting him write a book in the middle of an investigation that he’s part of. I wonder if he had his book cleared by the intelligence community? He’s supposed to but I bet he didn’t.”

Former Assistant Director of the FBI James Kallstrom has been outspoken on Comey since the beginning of the sham Russia investigation. His commentary is always spot on. The video below is from an interview Kallstrom did after Comey was fired:

“He threw the reputation of the FBI under the bus…”

Fox News had several former FBI assistant directors on their broadcast to discuss former FBI Director James Comey’s firing, and they all said his recent behavior made this move rather predictable.

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