The ‘Unselect’ January 6th Committee has run roughshod over the civil liberties of numerous republican politicians, activists, and aides to President Trump.  The Committee has issued contempt of congress charges against Trump advisors Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, who are both facing criminal trials.

Today, the FBI raided the home of Michigan Gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley because he was present at the January 6th protests, even though he didn’t enter the Capitol building.

Despite its nearly unprecedented overreach, the Committee has “yielded little new information,” according to a report by Breitbart.

According to a Congressional aide familiar with the Committee’s expenditures, it is also on track to spend $8 million this year.

There are 51 staffers working for the Committee who have salaries that average more than double what average House staffers make, coming in at $124,416 compared to the average staffer’s salary of $59,000.

Voters on both sides of the aisle consistently say that the economy and inflation driven by Biden’s disastrous economic policies is their most important issue.  Almost no public opinion poll has indicated that voters care about the January 6th hearings that the media has covered breathlessly and that Congressional Democrats have devoted a ridiculous amount of time and money to.

Even CNN’s Chris Wallace said that Democrats are “over-selling” the findings of the January 6th Committee and that he is “skeptical” that it will find anything new.

“I’m kind of skeptical about what we’re going to see tonight and over the next couple of weeks,” Wallace said.

Wallace also criticized the cozy relationship between members of the January 6th Committee and the media, saying “I think that’s a bad look both for the committee and the mainstream media to seem that they are hand in glove with each other,”

Amidst a crumbling economy and a foreign policy crisis, how can Democrats justify giving any more attention or money to the J6 Committee when everyone knows its a complete joke?


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