How many leftist media outlets will apologize for attempting to smear Jared Kushner, and by association, his father-in-law, the President of the United States, for an erroneous report published by Wired magazine that stated Kushner lied on his voter registration form? How many will say they’re sorry for attempting to use an error made by an incompetent government to disparage Kushner and his efforts to broker peace in the Middle East?  How many will apologize for attempting to accuse him of possible voter fraud? Of course, it’s a rhetorical question…

It was the board of elections that gave Jared Kushner his sex change.

Meanwhile, as President Trump continues to meet resistance from blue states in his effort to clean up voter fraud, one of his most vocal opponents is none other than the Democrat governor of New York, the same state where the board of elections made the mistake of changing Kushner’s identity to a “female” AFTER he registered as a “male”. It seems like this may be just the high-profile screw-up the White House has been waiting for in order to revisit the legitimacy of voter rolls in New York.

Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, and senior adviser did in fact list himself as a male in his New York voter registration — but an elections database error led to him getting listed as a female.

Kushner’s supposed registration as a woman, which made headlines Wednesday, is actually a data entry error that the New York Board of Elections corrected only after it became public.

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A Wired story first reported that Kushner — whose father-in-law has been waging a fact-challenged war on voter fraud — was registered as a woman on his publicly accessible New York State voter information. – NYDaily News

The Wired story that was written by Ashley Feinberg suggests one of the reasons Kushner registered to vote as a female may be attributed to him committing voter fraud, which according to Feinberg, “would, of course, would be interesting, considering that Trump’s White House has been fixated on allegations that rampant voter fraud took place during the 2016 election.”

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The Huffington Post used the fake news story to prove that Jared Kushner is not capable of brokering peace in the Middle East. Here is their headline for an article written by Amanda Terkel:

From the Huffington Post article:

If people weren’t already skeptical that Kushner ― a man who inherited his father’s real estate empire and has no policy experience in the Middle East or elsewhere ― could achieve the impossible, recent developments may give further pause.

He registered to vote as a woman.

Radical leftist and (sometimes) comedian Jimmy Kimmel did an entire skit on Jared Kushner registering to vote as a “female.” We’ll wait for his apology…

#VeryFakeNewsCNN quickly jumped on the story without verifying why Jared Kushner was registered as a female. Given the incompetence of our government agencies, one would think CNN would give Kushner the benefit of the doubt, but alas, giving anyone close to President Donald J. Trump the benefit of the doubt would be counter-productive to the Trump-hating network who only has one goal, and that is to destroy Donald Trump and anyone who dares to stand with him. CNN has changed the story that was originally attached to this tweet to reflect their update, but their headline that attempts to paint Kushner as either a liar or a cheat stands on Twitter.

Another loudmouth liberal who goes by the name of “Ring of Fire” on Youtube and has over 130K followers, has completely embarrassed himself by using Kushner’s inability to “fill out a simple form” or “who is so careless, or reckless, or downright stupid that he cannot fill out a form”.

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