America is in serious trouble. Since Joe Biden was installed as “president,” over 2 million illegal aliens have crossed over our border and into the United States. To put this in perspective, the state of Maine has a population of 1.3 million. The population in Vermont is 650,000. Wyoming’s population is 579,00. 2 Million is a LOT of people who will be fighting for jobs in a country that is currently in a recession, will be needing healthcare, and will be placing their kids in schools funded by American taxpayers. Many of the men and women coming over our borders are criminals who won’t stop committing crimes because they made it across the border. Many will join violent gangs like MS-13, and many will work with Mexican drug cartels to keep illegal drugs like fentanyl flowing from the border to our cities, towns, and communities.

FOX News reporter Bill Melugin is doing an incredible job of capturing footage of illegal aliens flooding across our southern border.  Yesterday, he released a video that was taken in Naco, AZ. The jaw-dropping 55-second video below is part of a 45-minute video that he and his team captured showing over a dozen illegal aliens dressed in camouflage being dropped from the top of the Mexico-US border wall and threaded through a massive structure of barbed wire coils and, finally, landing at the bottom of the wall on the US side.

The illegal aliens are then seen running across the road that runs alongside the border wall and into Arizona, where, if they are not known criminals or members of the violent Mexican drug cartels, they will likely receive care packages and cell phones from Catholic Charities and a bus or plane ticket and housing compliments of the American taxpayer.

Independent journalist Ben Bergquam is another rockstar who’s been relentless in his coverage of the border. In the video below, that he posted on Instagram, Bergquam reveals how Catholic Charities is processing illegal aliens like a sausage-making machine. They come in and get what they need to make their long journeys into communities across America and then they are picked up and transported. Mr. Bergquam is correct when he calls them facilitators of human trafficking!


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These illegal aliens who are sneaking in through farmer’s ranches and intentionally avoiding being processed and released into the US are probably some pretty bad hombres who don’t want to get caught in the US. The Stop Illegal Immigration and Secure our Borders Facebook page has been posting hundreds of images of these bad hombres who are sneaking through farmer’s ranches at all hours of the day and night and then escaping into the interior of the state.

Here are just a few examples of the photos he’s released on his Facebook page:

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