Joe Biden tries to blame gas station owners for high prices and immediately gets put in his place on Twitter

Joe Biden has no idea how gas prices work. If this was not clear from his inability to bring them in any direction except up, it’s clear from his Saturday Tweet blaming gas station owners for rising prices.

Of course, liberals who love authority will eat up anything a Democrat official says and immediately pivot from “it’s Putin” to “it’s greedy gas station owners” in many of the Twitter replies, despite gas station owners making pennies on the gallon in the vast majority of cases even today.

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The actual cost gas station owners are paying for the product is reflected by the price they are charging. The issue is that, under Biden, energy costs are high at the source due to inflation.

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From the Libertarian Party to Jeff Bezos, people who know more than the average Democrat about economics call Biden out on Twitter.

But it’s not just them–regular people are responding sarcastically to Biden’s ineffectiveness as a “leader,” too.

My personal favorite of the Tweets:

Biden has thrown the blame everywhere he could, previously blaming Republicans, Trump, Putin, and refineries. When he is now blaming the little guy owning and running a gas station, he shows his true socialist colors.

Of course, this is all Biden’s fault for printing far too much money, useless and excessive spending and restricting the energy sector at every turn.

But hey, at least the Chinese Communist Party agrees with him!

The Communists agree with Joe Biden on this. That tells you all that you need to know.

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