Following the shocking report that single, male, illegal migrants are being shipped across America by the federal government, Jen Psaki pretends to be clueless about what is going on.

Earlier today, FOX News reported that the number of people who tried to enter the US last month is higher than the three previous Decembers combined. Following these incredible statistics, FOX released footage of primarily single, male migrants being dropped off at a parking garage in Brownsville, TX. These migrants were then released from federal custody and got into taxi cabs which drove them to a nearby airport to fly throughout the country.

Some of these men were interviewed by FOX News and said they had just crossed illegally and have now been released into the country.

At a press conference, a reporter questioned Jen Psaki about these recent events, to which Psaki refused to admit any knowledge.

“Why is it that large numbers of single adult men are being released into the United States just hours after being apprehended at the southern border?” the reporter asked.


Psaki replied, “I’m not sure of the specifics of what you’re referring to.”

In the same press conference, Psaki was also asked about the 47,000 migrants that failed to show up to their ICE mandatory check-ins between March and August, to which she again failed to answer the reporter’s question.

“We know that just between March and August – which is a very small sample size – DHS says more than 47,000 of these migrants that were given notices to report did not show up, “the reporter said. “So why let them into the US unsupervised in the first place?”

“Well, again,” replied Psaki, ” we have stringent protocols and processes that we implement here, uh, that includes expelling individuals who come in under Title 42 given we are still in a global pandemic, and includes those who do not show up will be subject to the repercussions of that. So, that is the policy we are implementing from our Homeland Security Department.”

Psaki vaguely mentions there are “repercussions” without elaborating at all on what these might be. She also rambles on about nothing entirely coherent, just throwing in the words “policy” and “implement” to make it seem like she is actually answering the reporter’s question. In reality, she gave zero answers to a question that is very important to the US and the safety of the American people.

Our government is letting mass amounts of immigrants into the country without any regard for who they are, and when they break the rules upon which their existence in the US is supposedly contingent, there is no action taken to remove them from our country.

Maybe there is some action being taken (we can only hope)… but, as we have come to expect, Psaki certainly doesn’t have any answers for us.

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