Jewish Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) tweeted a copy of a heinous, anti-Semitic voicemail he received on his phone. In his tweet, he tagged the anti-Israel freshman lawmaker and Muslim Somali immigrant, Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

This new VM just came into my office. , this is just another day in my world as an American Jew in Congress. Would love to know what part of this hate filled, anti-Semitic rant you disagree with? I disagree with all of it. Do you?

Language and vile content ***WARNING*** in phone recording.

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On November 16, 2012, when Democrat Ilhan Omar was a state representative in Minnesota, she tweeted this hateful anti-Israel rant. She refuses to apologize for her hateful rhetoric towards Israel.

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Democrat Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi rewarded the anti-Israel, Muslim immigrant with a highly coveted spot on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asked,  “I would love to know what changed because Democratic leaders just promoted a pro-BDS Democrat to a key committee that deals with the State of Israel. Anti-Semitism has no place in Congress and certainly not on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise came out to say that  Omar has a “documented history of making anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks. He slammed Democrats by saying, “House Democrats have now just endorsed that ideology.”

Conference chair Rep. Liz Cheney called the move by Leader Nancy Pelosi “shameful”. She even urged her to rescind the appointment of the radical anti-semite.

It’s very rare that we give CNN credit for anything, but CNN hosts Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto deserve credit for a hard-hitting interview with the sitting Somali-Muslim congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in January.

During the interview, CNN hosts, Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow didn’t hold back any of the serious questions that actual journalist should be asking of the radical anti-Israel Congresswoman.

Things really got ugly for Omar when CNN host Jim Sciutto asked Omar about a tweet from yesterday that went viral about Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

The newly anointed Muslim lawmaker retweeted a video that was posted to Twitter by Muslim activist and host of Re. Sight Muslim, Qasim Rashid that showed a conversation between Senator Lindsey Graham and CNN’s Poppy Harlow following the announcement of Trump’s travel ban from top terror nations. The part that Qasim Rashid leaves out, is that Graham was still stinging from his 1% poll ratings against President Trump during the 2016 GOP presidential primaries. He was also fully aligned at the time with the virulent anti-Trump senator, John McCain. Since that time, Graham has found himself in alignment with many of Trump’s policies and was his biggest cheerleader in the confirmation process of Justice Kavanaugh.

Never mind the background or history between GOP Senator Lindsey Graham and President Trump, the Freshman Congresswoman tweeted, “They got to him, he is compromised!”, suggesting that somehow, Lindsey Graham overnight became a fan of President Trump, when her accusation is not only ignorant propaganda, it is also extraordinarily reckless, considering she is a sitting U.S. Congresswoman.

Here’s how the smug Congresswoman responded after she was caught several times attempting to pass off her opinon as fact.

Congresswoman Omar responded to Zeldin’s tweet by suggesting that her phone lines are also flooded with hateful voicemails and calls every day. The woman who tweeted out the hateful anti-Israel message suggested that together, she and the Jewish lawmaker could fight religious discrimination??? Of course, she invited him to drink Somali tea with her. There was no offer by Omar to share a kosher meal with Zeldin.

Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is not the only Jewish lawmaker who is voicing concern over the radical pro-Palestine lawmaker,

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