Our friends at WLTReport asked if Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), one of the primary candidates to become House Speaker, would be Kevin McCarthy 2.0.

NO To Jim Jordan For Speaker

“You want McCarthy 2.0? That looks like Jim Jordan to me. Then we have Jim Jordan ALREADY talking about new funding for Ukraine,” WLTReport wrote.

Jim Jordan: “We want questions answered before we even think about sending money to Ukraine.”


Sad to say this guy continues to give off increasingly new RINO vibes.

We want NO money ever again going to Ukraine and we want the money we already sent BACK! You don’t get it Jim!


On Sunday, Jordan said the United States needs to replenish Israel’s stockpile of Iron Dome missiles after the Hamas attack.

“Rockets are raining down on Israeli towns right now. We need to immediately help replenish Israel’s stockpile of Iron Dome missiles to protect more innocent civilians from getting killed. Let’s make sure Congress can unite and assure Israel has what it needs to destroy Hamas,” Jordan said.

Jordan faced harsh criticism from Americans who demand to see their public servants put the needs of the United States before foreign nations.

From The Hill:

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) on Sunday stressed the importance of electing a Speaker in order to replenish funding for Israel and to demonstrate unified support in the wake of Hamas’s attacks on the country.

“We have to get a Speaker elected this week, so we can get things on the floor like replenishing the Iron Dome, get a resolution that Ranking Member [Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.)] and I have been working on, a bipartisan resolution condemning Hamas for what they have done to Israel,” McCaul said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“We want to get that on the floor by unanimous consent. Whether or not we have a Speaker in place, because I think we cannot wait. We have to get that message out as soon as possible.” McCaul added.

CNN reports:

The House speakership drama enters a new week under increased urgency as Israel declared war Sunday following unprecedented surprise attacks by Hamas.

Kevin McCarthy’s historic ouster as speaker leaves the House in uncharted legal territory regarding what it can do under acting Speaker Patrick McHenry. When lawmakers return to Washington, they will be under pressure to elect a new speaker swiftly amid the crisis in Israel, which has prompted some calls from within the Republican Party to speed up their timeline given the national security implications of keeping the role vacant.

In a briefing with House leadership Sunday night, Biden administration briefers from the State and Defense Departments told lawmakers they are moving as quickly as they can to deliver weapons and resources to Israel that were part of already existing contracts by accelerating them, three people familiar with the call told CNN. That could help ensure that the US can provide some items as soon as possible even as there are larger questions about how quickly Congress could act on a larger aid package.

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