And the beat goes on in the information war of 2019…

All Jimmy Kimmel had to do is a simple fact check but he chose to go with the fake news being pushed out by the biased media that President Trump wasn’t in the Situation Room during the raid on ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

He chose to kowtow to the anti-Trump crowd and make fun of the serious and VERY successful raid in which the leader of ISIS was destroyed.

He should apologize but we won’t be holding our breath for that.

The Trump Campaign Director of Communications called Kimmel out:

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He was called out on Twitter for using “comedy”  to tell the lie about such an important moment. Shame!

Controversy surrounded the time of the raid when the former White House photographer for Obama implied on Twitter that Trump wasn’t in the Situation Room at the time of the raid:

Pete Souza tweeted out earlier today a photo with the caption that gave a time indicating President Trump wasn’t in the room during the ISIS raid yesterday. The media immediately jumped on the chance to say Trump was playing golf during the raid. NOT TRUE!

Souza is no Trump fan and even released a book throwing shade at President Trump while favoring Obama:

Mashable reported ‘Souza is Releasing A Book With Nothing But Trump Shade’:

Pete Souza has mastered the art of throwing shade, and he’s turned his talent into another book deal.

After Donald Trump took office, the former White House photographer transformed his Instagram account into a beautiful reminder of the Obama years. Whenever Trump did something, Souza disagreed with he’d post a photo from when Obama was in office to show the contrast between the two administrations.

Followers loved Souza’s Trump shade so much that he’s decided to turn it into a book titled: Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents.

Souza still hasn’t deleted the original tweet or added that his follow-up is a CORRECTION  to the first tweet! This is outrageous!

Matt Whitlock called Souza out on Twitter: “So your 14K retweet initial tweet was wrong. Why not delete it?” Possibly so this lie can still be spread around social media.

As with all fake news that’s put out by the media, by the time the lie is corrected, the tweet had gone viral. It’s too late.

Here’s the original tweet from Souza that is wrong:

Some people picked up on the mistake from Souza and called him out on it, but by that time it had gone to thousands and thousands of people on social media: “So far you’ve lied to over 40k people. What are you going to do about that?”  – Steph on Twitter

Then Souza finally corrected his mistake: In fact, the raid happened after 10 PM!

Many people have asked why Souza hasn’t completely deleted his lie from Twitter!

Screenshot of the correction below:

Newsweek and other outlets reported on the implication that Trump staged the photo with no correction:

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