Joe Biden was visiting a classroom in Plainfield, New Jersey, when he admitted that he hides from reporters to “avoid answering” questions.

He’s teaching these kids to avoid accountability, just like the POTUS. While President Trump took every question from reporters, Biden hides.

He’s making another appearance in New Jersey today to push his Build Back Better boondoggle.

Biden appears to straddle one young student-Awkward!

Joe Biden to a class of pre-kindergarteners in New Jersey: “You see this man here? He’s the governor of this state. He runs the state. And this is his wife, who runs him, and me, and everybody else.”

The kids look up and then go back to what they were doing when Joe enters the room:


Biden avoids reporters like he avoids the border. Biden was asked at a CNN town hall if he’s been to the border and said he probably should go down there, but he’s been too busy. Is visiting a classroom in New Jersey more critical than the broken border?

Biden says he should probably go to the border during the CNN town hall:


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