In the middle of a bogus impeachment of a former president that will go down in history as one of the nastiest displays of hatred by a political party, the newly installed president and his cornball wife performed a ridiculous distraction on the White House lawn.

As the cameras followed the decrepit 78-year-old and his wife, old Joe can be seen struggling Although Biden’s hip wardrobe is more like that of a 20-year-old (leather bomber jacket and jeans), one can’t help but notice his stride is more like someone who is 20 years older.

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As Joe struggles to walk across the lawn, his 14-year-old German Shepard can be seen tagging along behind him. It’s hard to know who is struggling more—Joe’s dog, who appears to be either an older dog or is suffering from hip dysplasia or a similar ailment.

America’s hard-hitting news waits for the elderly couple to make it onto the lawn for the perfect photo-op/distraction, before asking Joe a really tough question, “What’s your gift for Valentine’s Day?” to which he responds, “Valentine’s Day a big day…Jill’s favorite day. For real.”  The propaganda media shifts and then asks America’s new first lady, a really tough question, “What’s your inspiration (for standing next to cardboard cutouts on the White House lawn)? Jill replied, “I just wanted a little joy.” Perhaps the rest of America would like a little joy as well, and hopefully, that will happen when Democrats stop attacking President Trump and his supporters.

“Next time, bring us some coffee, too!” the press shouts as they laugh. “I wasn’t sure you’d all be here,” Biden told the media mob, who was likely stationed there all morning waiting for the propaganda piece.

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The conversation then shifted to how much the media loves the Biden’s dogs and ends with a female media member who admits to not wearing a mask, telling the Biden’s she’ll bring the donuts next week if they promise to return for another staged event. Joe notices the female reporter doesn’t have a cup of coffee, so he offers her his cup, which he swears he never touched (likely because it was a prop). The female reporter gushes as he hands her his coffee cup in the middle of a pandemic and tells her to drink from it, telling Biden, “I’m gonna get in trouble for not wearing a mask!” Biden, undeterred by her refusal to wear a mask, steps in and hands her his coffee cup prop.


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