44-year-old Barry G. Croft Jr. was arrested by the FBI for his part in an alleged plot to kidnap MI Governor Whitmer with five Michigan men. Croft had his initial appearance on Thursday, Oct. 8, before a federal magistrate in Wilmington, Delaware. The charge is a life offense.

In 2019, Democrat Governor John Carney pardoned 44-year-old Barry G. Croft Jr., who had a long history of arrests for crimes including assault, burglary, theft, and receiving stolen property.

Yesterday, at the same time the news broke about Governor Carney’s pardon of the habitual criminal, Barry Croft, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden endorsed the re-election of his friend, Democrat Delaware Governor John Carney

In 2018, Democrat Governor Carney signed the Beau Biden Gun Violence Protection Act while Joe Biden sat next to him.

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Yahoo News – Croft spent nearly three years in prison after being convicted on Dec. 1, 1997, of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. That sentence followed a one-year stint that ended in March 1996.

Barry G. Croft Jr.

In April 2019, one week after Delaware revenue officials filed a state tax lien against Croft for more than $36,700, Democratic Gov. John Carney granted him a pardon for the 1997 gun charge and several other convictions from 1994 to 1996. The crimes involved included assault, burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.

Carney’s pardon came after a December 2018 Board of Pardons hearing at which the attorney general’s office did not object to Croft’s request for a pardon. The board’s recommendation for a pardon was based on the lack of opposition from the state “and the need for a pardon for employment purposes.”

“The prior administration did not oppose this application because Croft’s criminal history was more than 20 years old and it appeared to everyone involved that his offenses were in his past and that he had gotten himself on the right track,” said Mat Marshall, a spokeswoman for Democratic Attorney General Kathy Jennings. “Needless to say, nobody — neither the DOJ nor the bipartisan Board of Pardons — would have endorsed a pardon had they known what the future held.”

During an interview with Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press, Governor Whitmer, with no evidence of her vile accusation, attempted to tie the group of men accused of plotting to kidnap her to President Trump and white supremacy (Video here).

The truth is, the more the public discovers about the men involved in the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, the more it’s clear the anti-police, anti-government, anti-Trump radicals were more aligned with the Marxist BLM movement and violent domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

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