The YouTube channel for Biden’s Whitehouse is officially the most disliked in history and nobody is watching.

We previously reported that YouTube was colluding with the Whitehouse to alter the likes and dislikes on his videos and that nobody was watching them.  We also showed that Biden removed his full inauguration video because he ended up receiving over 10x more dislikes than likes.  Well, the downward spiral has only continued for Mr. Biden.

While we admit that YouTube hasn’t even been around for 20 years, the dislikes of Biden’s videos are staggering.  When we go to his Whitehouse YouTube channel, we cannot find one video in which the president has more ‘likes’ than ‘dislikes’ for his numerous videos.  And, to make things even worse for the president, the ratio of dislikes to likes is never a close margin.  The dislikes on Biden’s videos can be found to be 10 or 20 times more than the likes on some videos.

In addition, Biden has also turned off the comments sections on all his videos because few have anything good to say about the man or his policies as president.

But, what is equally interesting are the very few people that even bother to watch his videos.

In a world with 7 billion people on the planet and a country of 330 million, Biden supposedly received the most votes of any president in American history.  Yet, he receives less than 100,000 views on most of his videos.  In fact, several of them have less than 50,000 views.

Trump’s videos, before thousands were removed by YouTube, did much better than this.

Remember, according to the media and official vote count after the massive irregularities during the 2020 election, Joe Biden supposedly received more votes than anyone in American history.  He should be the most beloved man in our country.  So, why did he have to wipe the Whitehouse YouTube account when he got into office and then turn off all comments on his videos because his videos were so massively disliked by the world?

Trump is painted by Biden and the media as a villain, but his statements on YouTube (before YouTube removed them all) were well-liked, well-viewed, and left free-speech critiques open in their comments sections.

Is this the Democrat party of free speech that you remember?  Or, is he simply a puppet of the radical anti-American left?

Is this a likeable beloved president that the media continues to claim was legitimately elected in the 2020 election?


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