The Biden administration intends to ask Congress for a $100 billion package that includes funding for Israel, Ukraine, and numerous domestic issues.

Although the details are still being finalized, the Biden administration cannot address American priorities, including the southern border, without funneling taxpayer dollars to foreign wars.

The funding is expected to cover approximately 12 months, and the “bulk” of the aid will benefit Ukraine.

According to reports, the $100 billion package will include the $10 billion Israel requested in ’emergency military aid.’

Here’s How Much ‘Emergency Military Aid’ Israel Requested From The United States

“The request is expected to be sent to Congress Hill as soon as Friday, after President Joe Biden returns from a trip to Israel,” POLITICO reports.


“Biden wants $100 billion in aid for Ukraine and Israel. I will vote NO. Biden wants to bring in millions of Palestinian refugees. I will vote NO. Biden refuses to secure America’s border and lets in millions and we are $33 trillion in debt,” said Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

POLITICO reports:

There is widespread support in Congress to quickly approve aid to Israel after the surprise attack earlier this month by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday he wanted the Senate to move quickly. But the House is frozen as Republicans have been unable to elect a speaker.

Further, some House Republicans have expressed skepticism over combining aid to Israel with aid to Ukraine, which is locked in a war with Russia but doesn’t have as broad of support.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday backed the administration’s position of tying the aid together, along with support for Taiwan.

“This is all interconnected,” McConnell said. “You’ve got the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Russians and the Chinese, sort of, on the same side against the democratic world, so there is a connection between all of this. I am not surprised, frankly, that the administration seems to be inclined to send up a broad package.”

He stressed, however, that Republicans wanted to see a strong border element, although he was not specific.

The report precedes Joe Biden’s planned visit to Israel on Wednesday amid the conflict with Hamas.

JUST IN: Joe Biden To Visit Israel Amid Hamas Conflict

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Joe Biden intends to visit Israel Wednesday to show support amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Blinken said the visit will come “at a critical moment for Israel, for the region, and for the world.”

A White House official said Biden’s visit is to reaffirm “United States solidarity with Israel and our ironclad commitment to its security,” Fox News reports.

Via Fox News:

Blinken also added that Biden will speak to Israeli leaders about how to minimize civilian casualties in the densely populated Gaza Strip, which has been bombarded with Israeli airstrikes.

“The president will hear from Israel how it will conduct its operations in a way that minimizes civilian casualties and enables humanitarian assistance to flow to civilians in Gaza in a way that does not benefit Hamas,” he explained.

Israel has urged 1 million residents in Gaza to evacuate the northern end.

The visit coincides with Biden’s pledge to support Israel. The administration has already promised military support, sending U.S. carriers and aid to the region.

The announcement of Biden’s Israel visit follows the U.S. military preparing for the potential deployment of approximately 2,000 troops to Israel.

U.S. Military To Potentially Send 2,000 Troops To Israel

“An additional 2,000 Marines are reported to join them and an additional 10,000 troops may be deployed in the two US Carrier Strike Groups that the US has sent to Israel’s coast,” according to Ron Paul.

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