Lunden Roberts, 31, is the mother of Hunter Biden’s child, Navy Joan – a child that Joe Biden refuses to recognize. Even after serious threats were made against the safety of his granddaughter, Biden continues to ignore the 3-year-old girl and her mother.

Lunden Roberts at the park with daughter Navy Joan, who was fathered by Hunter Biden

Roberts recently reported her ex-fiance, amateur MMA fighter Princeton Foster, for making threats not only against her but also against the child she shares with Hunter.


Roberts and Foster got together in 2018 – approximately six months after her relationship with Hunter -, got engaged in 2019, and split in 2020 due to Foster’s alleged drinking and substance abuse issues.

Princeton Foster,27, and Lunden Roberts, 31

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Just last month, Roberts called the police after Foster, 27, showed up at her home in the middle of the night while she was with her female friend and began to aggressively bang on the door while furiously shouting into the home. The two women got on the ground and hid behind furniture for fear that Foster would “open fire” since he “carries a weapon.” While Foster tried to enter the home, Roberts called the police who arrived after Foster had fled the scene.

It was later discovered that he had slashed the wires to her security cameras, punched a dent in her car, and slashed a tire on her friend’s car.

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Foster reportedly told Roberts that he was one of God’s prophets and that she was “going to heaven” with Navy Joan, which prompted her to file for a protection order.

Although President Biden has been made aware of Roberts’ situation and the threats made against his grandaughter, a close friend of Roberts confirmed that he has not taken any action to send them the protection of the Secret Service, nor has he even contacted the pair to see if they are safe.

In the absence of Biden’s help, Roberts turned to the authorities in rural Independence County to keep her and her child safe from Foster. “I need this order because I am scared of what Princeton might do to me and my daughter,” said Roberts.

In a 10-page affidavit, Roberts described the harassing phone calls and text messages that she would receive from Foster following the breakup.

Roberts reported that Foster once showed up at a restaurant where she was and began shouting, “Where is my daughter? … I will f**k you up!”

“He was also continually calling and we were recording the audios of him screaming (like the Joker) saying he was on his way with his MMA friend to fight whatever guy I was with, using racial slurs and in one recorded audio you can hear him scream ‘I’m on my way – I’m going to scalp your f**king head,'” added Roberts.

The man who is threatening the life of Biden’s granddaughter and her mother is currently facing various misdemeanor charges that include terroristic threats and harassing communications. While Foster was booked into jail on Friday, he was reportedly released on bond.

However, Biden has not commented on the matter nor has he checked in on the well-being of his own granddaughter.

Roberts’ friend told The Daily Mail, “The President frequently talks about his love and pride for his grandchildren. But if he really cared for every member of his family he would have done something by now.”

A young Hunter Biden, who bears a striking resemblance to young Navy Joan

The Secret Service protects the other Bidens constantly, however, it appears that Roberts and Navy Joan don’t fall under the same umbrella of security.

“Secret Service would act at the drop of a dime if someone threatened any of the other Biden kids – but it’s like Navy Joan doesn’t matter,” the friend added.

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