The most listened-to podcaster in the United States said that he would vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential election.

Last week, Joe Rogan said that he would support former President Donald Trump over Joe Biden because of Biden’s deteriorated mental state.

He said that Biden is attempting to distract from the failures of his administration with a ‘f*cking sideshow of diversity’ during a show that featured left-wing comedian Russell Brand.

Brand has been critical of mainstream liberal narratives as well.  He received a significant amount of negative attention recently after he said that MSNBC was just as biased as FOX News while he was a guest on Bill Maher’s show.

Brand said that despite Biden’s push for diversity, he is a ‘career politician’ who is ‘falling apart’ before people’s eyes.


Rogan specifically referenced Sam Brinton, a transgender Deputy Assistant in the Department of Energy who landed in legal trouble for stealing women’s luggage as an airport, saying that they were a ‘diversity hire’.

The Post Millenial Reports

On Thursday’s episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan said he would vote for former President Donald Trump over Joe Biden because the current president is “mentally gone.”

“It’s bizarre how far he’s deteriorated,” Rogan said. The host recounted a conversation with a past guest, Eric Weinstein, who said “‘I can’t vote for Trump’ and I go, ‘I would vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden’ just because the thing with Biden is he’s gone.”

Rogan continued, “Like, you know, he’s gone and you’re gonna be relying on his cabinet, and I knew his cabinet would be this f*cking sideshow of diversity.”

Rogan made the comments on episode 1949 which featured comedian and podcast host Russell Brand.

Rogan went on to highlight former energy department aid Sam Brinton as an example. Brinton, a biological male who identifies as non-binary, was the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposal in Biden’s Office of Nuclear Energy. Brinton was charged in two unrelated cases of allegedly stealing women’s luggage from airports and was subsequently fired from the Biden administration.

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