#JoeMentia is catching!

Today, during a small rally in Ohio, an unidentified woman introduced the Democratic presidential hopeful as “the next vice president.

“I am grateful for his leadership and ready and determined to do whatever it takes to make him our next ‘Vice President,’” she told the audience as she quickly corrected herself, saying, “Our next president.”

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You can’t blame his supporter for incorrectly saying Joe’s running for vice president. Half the time, Joe doesn’t even know which office he’s running for. In the video below, Joe Biden tells a crowd of supporters in South Carolina that he’s running for the “United States Senate,” and if they don’t like him, they can “vote for the other Biden.” Huh?


On the eve of Joe Biden’s big win on Super Tuesday, that he referred to as “Super Thursday,” Joe Biden told his crowd of supporters they needed to get behind Senate candidate Jaime Harrison for President of the United States.

Biden told his supporters, “Folks, now we need to stand behind Jaime Harrison…the next President of the United…next Senator…South Carolina.”


Joe’s not having much luck campaigning in the midwest.

Earlier today, Joe Biden was caught on video in a confrontation with an autoworker in the must-win state of Michigan. While he was visiting a Chrysler manufacturing plant in the Detroit area, an autoworker asked Joe Biden about his push for gun control. “You’re actively trying to end our Second Amendment right,” the worker told him. The question triggered the angry Democrat, as Biden responded, “You’re full of shit!” as he tried to paint himself as an outdoor enthusiast. The auto-worker wasn’t buying Biden’s disrespectful response and called him out on a viral video where Biden can be seen saying he’s going to “take our guns away.” Biden told the autoworker who appeared to know way more about guns than Biden, that he shouldn’t believe the video, calling it a “lie.” The auto worker, to his credit, persisted. Biden tried to argue his position on gun control, “Look, here’s the deal—Are you able to own a machine gun? The auto worker gave Joe a lesson on guns, explaining to him that machine guns are “illegal,” to which Biden responded, “That’s right, so are AR-15’s are illegal.” The auto worker asked the uninformed Democrat presidential candidate, “How is that a machine gun, it’s a semi-automatic!” A confused Joe Biden, who was clearly in over his head on the gun rights argument, “No, it’s not,” he responded, screaming at the autoworker, “Do you need a hundred rounds!?” as union bosses tried to hustle Biden away. The auto worker gives Biden one last lesson in guns, by sharing an actual fact with him, “There are more deaths with handguns than with what you call ‘assault weapons.’ Why are you advocating for the removal of the assault rifle and not handguns?” he asks, as Joe’s handlers hustle him away.

Watch the incredible exchange here:

In this video, tough guy Joe can be seen threatening to take the autoworker “outside,” as he refers to the AR-15 as an “AR-14.”

For purposes of clarity, here’s a recent video of Joe Biden making “clear” that Beto- O’Rourke, the Democrat Party’s most vocal gun control advocate, will “take care of the gun problem with him.” Biden’s so sure Beto will be a part of his gun control platform, he actually “guarantees” it at his recent Texas rally.

We’ll wait for Biden to call this video a “lie,” as well…

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