Wow! John Kasich finally got the message and is dropping out of the race for president. Can you believe it? Just last night he said he was continuing on to win in a contested convention.  

Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to suspend his run to be the GOP presidential nominee, a senior campaign advisor told NBC News on Wednesday.

He had previously cancelled a planned event in order to make a Wednesday night statement in Ohio.

Kasich was left the only man standing against Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary race after Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas suspended his run on Tuesday night.

After Cruz exited the race, Kasich released a statement saying, “Tonight’s results are not going to alter Gov. Kasich’s campaign plans. Our strategy has been and continues to be one that involves winning the nomination at an open convention.”

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Pundits noted that although Kasich was still technically in the race, he had fewer delegates than either Cruz or Sen. Marco Rubio — effectively making him fourth in a two-man race.

We think he finally got the message…

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