If you have ever questioned whether or not the environmental movement is more aptly titled a Climate Cult, look no further than the Biden regime and its “Green New Deal.”

Joe Biden famously appeared to openly condone the genocide, slavery, and forced live-organ harvesting allegedly taking place by the millions under the totalitarian rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Instead of condemning the totalitarian genocide and slavery taking place in China, he dismissed it as just a “forceful” foreign “cultural norm” in China.  To hammer this acceptance of genocide home, Biden also stated that China’s President Xi XinPeng really “gets it!”

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We have previously reported that China’s CCP does, indeed, commit genocide against Uyghurs (and perhaps others).  It also produces live organ harvesting, forced labor, and reeducation camps.

Now, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry has made another stunning admission regarding his Climate Cult’s acceptance of genocide and slavery so long as it furthers their own green totalitarian ambitions.

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During a hearing, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul explained that China “dominates the critical mineral supply and solar supply chains” necessary to produce solar panels, today.

Then he asked Kerry a very important question:

“How can you ensure that….slave labor coming out of China–where genocide is taking place as we speak–[is] never part of the climate solution in the United States?”

Kerry’s response should worry everyone because it openly condones both genocide and slavery:

“You’re absolutely correct. Ranking Member McCaul you’re — it is a problem. Xinjiang province not only produces some of the solar panels that we believe are being in some cases produced in forced labor by Uyghurs but also there are significant amount of rare mineral that’s used in the solar panels themselves. It is my understanding that the Biden Administration is right now in the process of assessing whether or not that will be the target of sanctions.”

It appears as though the Biden Regime’s policy on condoning genocide and slavery is to shoot first and ask questions later only if grilled by the public.

Kerry has previously said of America and China that “We have differences on human rights, but that should not get in the way of something as critical as dealing with climate.”

Modern environmentalism and its totalitarian ability to literally tax you for the air you breathe via ‘carbon taxes’ is a twisted faith of unending fear and infinite oppression.  And, using it as an excuse, globalist politicians will condone absolutely any action to gain more control and power.

As these videos prove, they will even condone the genocide and slavery of millions.

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