Any abuse victim can see the signs: Joe Biden is a gaslighting narcissist who projects his abuses onto others, including his victims.  Throughout his 50 year career, it is obvious that he is most satisfied when he is towing the party line and lying at the same time.  Even before his mind had turned into Jell-O, he was most in love with himself when he knew he had convincingly told a lie that his political handlers had told him to say.  The pinnacle of that occurred last weekend when he openly promoted the well-documented and well-known genocide of millions of people in China…among other things.  We break down his disarming communist apologetic below.

Joe Biden closing his eyes so his soul won’t leap out the window as he raises a fist in solidarity with a “unified and tightly controlled’ China.

In a Townhall that absolutely nobody watched on CNN this past weekend, Joe Biden made several gaffes and egregious statements.  But one very deliberate statement towers above the rest and should be shared with every single citizen of The West.  It begins like this:

“Ya know, Chinese leaders–if you know anything about Chinese history–it has always been a time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been united at home.”


Let’s break down this outrageous statement before continuing on to the more outrageous statements that follow.

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This opener is Joe Biden being as casual as possible, ‘ya know’?  Because he is mostly senile, he knows he cannot compose himself physically, mentally, or verbally for a strong formal monolog of any kind.  So, this is his way of trying to endear himself to you while making this knowledge he has to appear to seem effortless to him because he is so learned scholarly.

In fact, Joe Biden can’t remember what he ate for breakfast this morning.  It is obvious to anyone listening to this that CCP President Xi of China had a long rehearsed conversation with Biden.  Biden is undoubtedly just parroting back what Xi has told him. Nothing in Biden’s history of politics would lead anyone to believe he currently understands the complexities of Chinese history at all.

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The next part of the statement descends a bit into Biden’s life-long use of condescension and the narcissism that he uses to shut down better dissenting views. He tries to lecture you and make you feel smaller than him. “If you know anything,” you’d already be agreeing with him because he is so smart.

Your body knows with every ounce of matter that something is wrong here.  He knows this deeply.  So, now the real gaslighting must quickly begin as he takes a completely fallacious anti-American statement that should offend any critically thinking mind and claims it has simply “always been.”

China is a meager “victim…of the outer world.”  The outer world, we are to assume, includes the middle east and The West–including America.  So, what Joe Biden is really trying to tell Americans is that totalitarian China has been victimized by evil Western forces that have caused them disunity, which requires them to commit genocide of millions of people.

Oh, we haven’t gotten to the genocide yet?  Well, here it goes:

“…there must be a united, tightly controlled China…I’m not going to speak out against what [Xi Jinping] is doing in Hong Kong, what he’s doing with the Uyghurs in western mountains of China, and Taiwan trying to end the One China policy by making it forceful.

“Tightly controlled China” means a China with no real private property, sense of individualism, free and fair elections, or privacy in which the state has dominion over basically everything people do and keeps a truly nightmarish social credit score on every one of its citizens.  He uses the word “united” in order to try to sell this as somehow reasonable and connected to ‘united’ in the Western sense of the word.  It is not.  He also applies victim-blaming here, suggesting that it is Taiwan who is at fault for being forceful in trying to remain sovereign rather than China, who is forcefully wanting to occupy it as part of its One Belt One Road Great Reset initiative.

What is going on in Hong Kong is complete destruction of sovereignty, elections, and culture, and the rule of law by the Chinese Communist Party.  People for years have been disappearing and killed or jailed for thought crimes as the cancer of Chinese totalitarianism spreads once Britain let Hong Kong go.  They have a ‘great firewall’ that prevents non-propagandized state media from entering and exiting the country for most people, which globalists and Big Tech are openly implementing now in the West.  The Hong Kong people saw Donald Trump, who was critical of China, as their last hope, holding many rallies at great risk to themselves in support of him throughout his presidency.  The Hitlerian Chinese crackdowns accelerated in the past year or two, and there is no hope for Hong Kong now that Trump is gone.  Hong Kong politicians are all now puppets of the CCP.  Hong Kong citizens loath China.  And rightly so.  They have decimated Hong Kong’s once-thriving society that is now under the thumb of the communist regime.

Yet, Biden doesn’t care.  He dismisses this all in less than a breath.

In less than a breath, Biden also completely dismisses the live organ harvesting, genocide, and reeducation camps of millions of Uyghurs and others for thought crimes in China.

Biden also dismisses the entire country of Taiwan (much like the other Chinese puppet, WHO, also dismisses Taiwan as a country on behalf of China), which demands to remain sovereign, despite China’s open intent to occupy and overthrow it as it has done to Hong Kong.

And, for his atrocities, what does Joe Biden think of ultimately CCP president XI Jinping?

He gets it. Culturally there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow.”

To Joe Biden, Xi Jinping’s CCP really understands things at a high level that only elites can.   Genocide, totalitarianism, occupation of entire countries like Hong Kong, organ harvesting of live human beings, and denial of statehood to countries like Taiwan are simply cultural differences!  These are, of course, in addition to the trillions of dollars in decades of ongoing intellectual property theft that has hollowed out our technology and research as well as our top-secret developments and universities and schools which are under constant attack from Chinese spies.

Remember, in Biden’s mind–and the mind of all globalists, it is China’s time to rise.  The American Cycle is over.  It’s America’s time to fall so a global oligarchical totalitarianism can rise (with them at the top).  That is why they must gaslight America into hating itself collectively, including its history, founding principles and fathers, and everything that has made it the most successful society that the world has ever known.

Democrats, like totalitarian dictators, are the party of projection.  What they accuse you of is what they are actually doing. They like dictators because they dream of being dictators.

And, remember, throughout all of this, that he has somehow framed the Chinese Communist Party as victims!  Listen to the clip again and again and hear his disgraceful totalitarian communist apologia.

Joe Biden is a senile puppet who will say anything that his handlers tell him.  He may not understand it, but he knows he has finally been installed into his final resting place of power and money.  He will say anything to keep that and do his part to maintain it.

Does this sound at all like a man who has America or its Constitution in mind at all when he wakes up in the morning, signs 65 executive actions in less than a month, puts a log on the fire, and then quickly goes back to bed?

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