It’s hard to believe but former Secretary of State John Kerry just threw Obama under the bus…in a big way! Why is Kerry just now second guessing Obama’s “red line” in Syria? Is he planning on running in 2020? The video from “Face The Nation” is below if you’re brave enough to hear Kerry drone on.

It seems like Kerry is trying to make amends for the thousands upon thousands of Syrians murdered by their own government while Obama stood by and did nothing. President Barack Obama famously drew a proverbial red line in the sand with Syria’s Assad and then didn’t follow through with action against the brutal leader’s gas attacks on civilians. What was 100,000 casualties is now over 4 times that amount of casualties. Obama sat on his hands…


In seven years, the casualties of Syria’s civil war have grown from the first handful of protesters shot by government forces to hundreds of thousands of dead.

But as the war has dragged on, growing more diffuse and complex, many international monitoring groups have essentially stopped counting.

Even the United Nations, which released regular reports on the death toll during the first years of the war, gave its last estimate in 2016 — when it relied on 2014 data, in part — and said that it was virtually impossible to verify how many had died.

At that time, a United Nations official said 400,000 people had been killed.


John Kerry also just came out to say he regrets picking John Edwards as his running mate i2004 when he ran for president. Why would he suddenly feel the need to announce that? Strange…

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Kerry has a big enough ego to think he’s still relevant on the world stage. He’s known for his pompous and elitist style…remember when he flew famed singer James Taylor to Paris when they had a terrorist attack? Talk about out of touch!

Yes, we can see that just like in Paris, John Kerry thinks he’s needed in order to fix things HE thinks are  wrong. It’s just that he couldn’t be more out of touch with the American people. This is a man who has always put politics over the people so why should we expect anything different…

Daily Mail reports:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday during an appearance on Face the Nation that he thinks former president Barack Obama should have enforced his ‘red line’ warning in Syria and thinks the United States paid a price as a result.

Kerry said he thought Obama was going to launch a missile strike in Syria in 2013 after the country attacked its own citizens with chemical weapons.

A year before the attack, Obama had warned Syrian president Bashar al-Assad that the use of chemical weapons would be a ‘red line’ that would be a ‘game changer’ for US involvement in Syria.

‘I thought we were going to go forward. I thought that weekend was the weekend. I expected the phone call to be telling me that he had decided we were striking that night or whatever was going to happen, and it wasn’t,’ Kerry said on Face the Nation.

I put several ideas on the table. The president was not persuaded by my argument. I believed that we had several options we could have done at very low risk to be able to make it clear to Assad that when we had a ceasefire and when he said he was going to live by it, he had to live by it. And I thought we should have done that.’

Kerry said he thinks the US ‘paid a price’ because Obama did not stand by his warning.


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