Incredible reporting from John Solomon throughout the Mueller probe is heating up because President Trump will be declassifying documents in the next week.

This is why the Deep State actors are lashing out at President Trump. Watch for the other show to drop soon…

“The President is going to add to the problems of the Deep State, when he declassifies these first documents in the next several days…”

“I have confirmed that sometime in the next 7-8 days, the President will declassify the first of many documents…” – John Solomon

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Earlier in May, President Trump told Catherine Herridge: “I’m going to be allowing declassification pretty soon, I’m going to be doing it very soon, far more than you would have even thought.” Herridge asked: “May, June, July?” to which the president responded: “No, soon. I mean whenever they need it. Whenever they need it I’ll be doing it. But I will be declassifying it. Everything.”

What’s the “game changer? Rep. Meadows responds to Try Gowdy’s claim of a “game changer”:

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