The emergency slide that fell off a Delta Air Lines Boeing jetliner, prompting an emergency landing at New York City’s JFK Airport, was found in front of the house of a lawyer whose firm is suing the airline manufacturer over safety issues.

Delta Boeing Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing After Losing Emergency Slide Mid-Flight

"Jake Bissell-Linsk — a New York attorney whose firm filed a lawsuit against Boeing following the Alaska Airlines door blowout in January — told The Post he got a surprise on Sunday around noon when he looked out the window of his oceanfront home in Belle Harbor, Queens," the New York Post reports.

He told the outlet the Boeing 767 jetliner's emergency slide was trapped in the rocks near his front yard.


From the New York Post:

While officials had been searching for the missing slide in Jamaica Bay since Friday afternoon, it turns out the slide was more far-flung than they expected — as Bissell-Linsk’s home faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Belle Harbor is located six miles southeast of JFK International Airport.

The emergency slide was found right off Beach 129th and Beach 130th Streets on the south shore of the Rockaway Peninsula.

Bissell-Linsk said he went outside and got up close to snap pictures of the deflated, yellow slide, noting that it appeared to be intact despite being tangled in the rocks and floating in the surf.

“I didn’t want to touch it but I got close enough to get a close look at it,” Bissell-Linsk told The Post. “Our case is all about safety issues at Boeing, and this slide is literally right in front of my house.”


Per Business Insider:

The wild coincidence happened on Sunday, two days after the slide fell off the Boeing 767 operated by Delta Air Lines.

Flight 520 was flying from New York's JFK Airport to Los Angeles on Friday, April 26 — but was forced to turn back after the incident. It was only in the air for around an hour.

A warning on the flight deck and a "non-routine sound from near the right wing" alerted the crew to a problem before the missing slide was observed upon landing, a Delta spokesperson previously told Business Insider.

Bissell-Linsk, a partner at law firm Labaton Keller Sucharow, told the Post he was looking out the window of his oceanfront home in Queens when he spotted the slide.

"We are right on the beach and I saw it was sitting on the breakers," he added. Bissell-Linsk said a crew of Delta workers turned up to pull it out of the water about five hours later.

A Delta spokesperson confirmed to the Post that it had retrieved the slide and added, "we will fully cooperate with all relevant investigations."

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