Jon Voight is one of the few good guys in Hollywood as best I can tell.

And he just released a brand new statement on the USA, Israel and Donald Trump.

Jon Voight praised Donald Trump as the only person capable of bringing peace to war-torn regions and criticized “barbaric animals” he believes are threatening the United States. Voight’s support for Trump is consistent with his previous statements, where he has compared Trump’s struggles to those of Jesus and predicted a “magnificent triumph” if Trump regains power. This statement follows his appearance at the Mar-a-Lago resort and emphasizes the close relationship between Voight and Trump, highlighted by Trump awarding Voight with the National Medal of Arts in 2019.

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FEATURED: Jon Voight Exposes Hollywood Elites

Jon Voight has been one of the most vocal critics of Hollywood…..from within Hollywood.

The man is a rare specimen, someone who has not been corrupted by Hollywood, someone who still thinks for himself, and with that independent thought he has decided he is a Trump supporter and definitely NOT a DemonRat.

Like I said, very rare!

He has released videos before that were critical of Hollywood, but none like this.

It feels to me like he knows there isn’t much time left (perhaps for him and more so for our country) and so he is becoming ever more vocal about his message.

As one person wrote in the comments, “God bless you Jon Voight!”

Yes, I agree.

Please watch this amazing message safely here on Rumble and then share it with your friends and family to red-pill some more people:

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