Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to an interview President Donald Trump gave to The New York Times about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to recuse himself earlier on in all matters pertaining to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign:

According to the Times, Trump said he disagreed with Sessions’ recusal and that he would not have nominated him to be attorney general had he known Sessions would have done so.

Napolitano said that he did not think Sessions should have recused himself nor should he have accepted the AG nomination:“I don’t think Jeff Sessions should have recused himself,” Napolitano said. “And I said at the time and I’ll say it now — that he probably should not have accepted the nomination to be attorney general. [He] probably should have said, ‘Mr. President, you know these characters. They’re going to investigate the campaign. They’ve already been making noises about it. They embarrassed Mike Flynn by selectively leaking portions of conversations he had with the Russians. It’s going to make me, Jeff Sessions, a witness at worst. At best, I’m going to have to step aside. You want an attorney general who can’t control one of the biggest investigations the Justice Department has investigated since Watergate.’”

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Judge Napolitano continued: “That’s what we have now. We have one of the biggest investigations since that the Justice Department has investigated since Watergate being run by somebody who was not appointed by the president of the United States. So that’s President Trump’s frustration and I understand that.”

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