As states like Texas and Mississippi display forward thinking by reopening from Wuhan CCP Virus restrictions 100%, Michigan remains in the Covid Dark Ages.  Governed with a feudal mindset by people like their Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer, the state remains largely restricted.  Whitmer refuses to lift mask mandates and other unscientific unconstitutional restrictions, despite rulings by their state’s Supreme Court which she ignored and intentionally subverted through her HHS.

Now, a Holland, MI pizzeria bistro owner who refused to be ruled by such tyranny is being eaten alive by the MI state government and judiciary that already illegitimately stripped her of her food establishment license for the ‘crime’ of continuing to continuing to operate back in January.

Recently, things have gotten worse, though as an Ingham County, MI judge has issued a bench warrant  for Marlena Pavlos-Hackney and ordered her to pay $7,500 fine.

This new assault on her civil liberties comes amid unverifiable and anonymous claims by an unnamed “person” who the judge claims became ‘symptomatic’ within 48 hours of having eaten at the pizzeria bistro.  Nowhere in the evidence we have read is there any proof that the anonymous ‘person’ got sick at her restaurant.  They could have been sick prior to going to her restaurant or gotten sick afterward.  Nobody seems to know.  But all of the blame and assumption of responsibility, the judge believes, should rest on the back of the restaurant owner, not on the alleged restaurant patron who allegedly made the choice to eat at her restaurant.

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Imagine the dark robe of injustice this judge must wear while attacking a restaurant owner because someone allegedly patronized their restaurant and then, some time later, experienced flu symptoms.

If you would like to reach out to the Allegan County Sherriff’s office and express your support for Pavlos-Hackney, please find their contact information, here.  Ms. Pavlos-Hackney has said that she would like it to support her business remaining open and unmolested by government.

Photo of signs hung in Marlena Pavlos-Hackney’s window

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Wood TV reported on the full details of the story:

“HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — A judge on Thursday issued a bench warrant for the owner of a Holland restaurant that didn’t close during a state-mandated shutdown.

A judge said Marlena Pavlos-Hackney should be jailed until she shuts down her restaurant, Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria on Lincoln Avenue near US-31, according to the defendant. Pavlos-Hackney also said the judge ordered her to pay a $7,500 fine.

The state suspended her food establishment license in January because she had not abided by the dine-in ban implemented during the recent coronavirus surge, with state officials also saying she wasn’t requiring masks or social distancing.

A person who was at Marlena’s while the license was suspended tested positive for COVID-19, the Allegan County Health Department said Thursday. They say the person was there Feb. 27 and became symptomatic within 48 hours. The health department says it learned about the case Wednesday through investigation.

While the judge noted that it’s impossible to prove where the person caught the virus, she also noted the connection is concerning and that, regardless, Marlena’s should have been closed because its license was suspended, the Holland Sentinel reports.

The Allegan County Health Department says anyone who was at the restaurant Feb. 27 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. is considered to have been exposed to the virus since mask wearing and social distancing practices were ignored.”

*Read those words again.  Without any evidence whatsoever–or even the name of the accuser, we are told to simply accept that (1) the accuser exists, (2) the accuser it truthful (3) the PCR test she took is accurate despite high rates of false-positives, and (4) the restaurant is where this person contracted Covid despite absolutely no proof that this is true.*

Because of all this and the fact that the government mandates were determined to be 100% unconstitutional by the Michigan Supreme court a short while ago, the owner is fighting them in court:

“News 8 spoke with Pavlos-Hackney Thursday afternoon. She said she believes her legal rights had been violated.

“The judge has no authority to violate the rights of the people and the constitution of the United States,” Pavlos-Hackney told News 8. “(I’m) in the process of figuring out my legal rights.”

In a Facebook post, Pavlos-Hackney said she’s reached out to the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office and the city of Holland with help in protecting her business.

Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker told News 8 he’s heard about the situation but has no involvement in the case.”

And, Ms. Hackney, a true American patriot, remains resolute in her defense of her own civil liberties:

“Pavlos-Hackney says she plans to open the restaurant Friday during regular business hours.

“We will keep going,” Pavlos-Hackney said.

One patron told News 8 they support the restaurant owner for taking a stand.

“She’s a local woman, she’s a business woman … trying to keep her livelihood going,” Jeanne Eskew said. “To be arrested in this country for keeping your business open, I think that’s a crock.””

This is a recording of the entire hearing before the Judge on Thursday March 4th.

Ms. Pavlos-Hackney is documenting the Owellian ordeal on her Facebook page.

Please consider reaching out and supporting her.

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