Judge rules against Twitter’s motion to dismiss in a case where Twitter suspended a journalist, Alex Berenson, for posting the truth about COVID jabs

Alex Berenson, a former New York Times journalist, was permanently suspended from Twitter in August of 2021 for posting the truth about COVID-19 vaccines’ ineffectiveness when it comes to stopping transmission, as well as their dangerous side-effects. As a result, he launched a lawsuit against Twitter. Twitter filed a motion to dismiss which was dismissed by a California Judge, William Alsup.

Here’s Berenson’s Tweet in which he, correctly, stated that COVID-19 jabs do not prevent infection or transmission.

Berenson also pointed out that the side effects of the jab are quite risky, and that its efficacy is very limited.

For this, Twitter permanently banned him and labeled the Tweet “misleading.”

His lawsuit, which he filed in December of 2021 has survived the motion to dismiss and now moves on to the discovery stage.

As a part of the lawsuit, Berenson has asked that Twitter answer the following questions about why Twitter decided to terminate his account, and whether or not he violated Twitter policy.

Courtesy of The Gateway Pundit

What does Twitter have to say for itself, now that it must explain in detail its reason for terminating an account which spoke simple and undeniable facts? Expect more as the lawsuit moves forward and Twitter is forced to answer for themselves.

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