Perhaps Hillary and Comey could ask for adjoining prison cells since they seem to have such a good working relationship…

GP reports: Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell went on with Lou Dobbs on Thursday to discuss former fired FBI Director James Comey’s criminal activity regarding the private memos he leaked to the liberal media.

Farrell told Lou Dobbs that the acting FBI Chief FOIA Officer confirmed that ALL of James Comey’s memos were classified at the time they were written and are still classified today.

James Comey leaked the classified documents to a liberal reporter and friend to publish which is a federal crime.

Chris Farrell: We have a sworn declaration from David Hardy who is the Chief FOIA Officer of the FBI that we obtained just in the last few days. And in that sworn declaration Mr. Hardy says that all of Comey’s memos, all of them, were classified at the time they were written and they remain classified.


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It looks like Boy Scout Comey could be heading to prison!

Shouldn’t the former FBI director, James Comey, already be up on charges?

In a memo, James Comey showed that he had seemingly made up his mind on Hillary Clinton’s verdict before actually seeing any evidence and was just going through the motions.

The memo also shows that Comey perjured himself when he went in front of Congress to testify on his investigation. On July 2, 2016, during a congressional hearing, Comey told Congress that he decided not to recommend any charges after he interviewed Hillary about her email scandal. The problem is, he made that decision months before he conducted the interview.

Judicial Watch’s Chris Ferell appeared on Fox News in September to confirm that Comey testified that he hadn’t made up his mind yet about Hillary when clearly he did.



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