The American policy of how we handle Central Americans needs to change ASAP! Our policy is that we cannot turn them away but must either detain them or give them a court date to plead their case for asylum. The problem with both of those options is the detention centers are FULL and the court date means they are released into the U.S. and typically NEVER SHOW for their court date.


Releasing illegals into the U.S. needs to stop ASAP! The 2,000 Central Americans heading our way will be accepted at the border and more than likely released into the U.S.

Yahoo News is reporting 2,000 Central American migrants swam or rafted across a river separating that country from Guatemala.

They’re continuing their journey to the U.S. where they know our lame immigration policy will not be able to turn them away but will either allow them into detention (if not full) or release them into the U.S. with the court date for asylum.

Basically, we welcome 2,000 more illegals into the fabric of America which only incentivizes more illegals from Central America to make the trek to America.

 The group gathered at a park and voted to continue north to the U.S.

The crowd that made it into Mexico crossed via rafts and swam while Mexican police did nothing. They weren’t even stopped when they reached the opposite side of the river.

While the Mexican police were on the bridge, people were crossing underneath…

One Honduran illegal said, “We couldn’t wait because we had already waited too long and they only told us lies.”

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