Lindsey Graham put forth a resolution today to condemn the attempt to impeach President Trump. A slam dunk, right? Not so fast…

The Washington Post reported on the holdouts. Seven Republicans refused to sign the resolution!

-One was Romney, which perhaps isn’t surprising.

-Two were the GOP senators facing reelection in blue states: Collins and Cory Gardner of Colorado.

-The list included three of the four GOP senators who are retiring: Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Mike Enzi of Wyoming and Johnny Isakson of Georgia (the last of whom is expected to resign at the end of the year and may not be around to vote in an impeachment trial.

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-The other two were Murkowski, an occasional holdout in situations like these, and Rob Portman (Ohio), whose place on this list might be the most significant.

These Republicans should be targeted in the next election but it truly shows that the RINO Traitors are jumping ship. These cowards can’t even support President Trump. Makes you wonder if they’ve been involved in all of this corruption.

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Wow! Mitt Romney has really turned out to be a scum bag.

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