Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or “AOC,” literally went from bartender to the de facto leader of the Democratic Party in the United States Congress.

The City NYC reports – The freshman member of Congress, who became a national figure after her upset Democratic primary victory last year, surprised Parkchester passersby with a pop-up event promoting participation in the 2020 Census.

“Our strategy is all about building trust in the community before the enumerators even come to your door,” Ocasio-Cortez told THE CITY.

That trust is crucial in a district where 47% of residents are foreign-born, and fear of taking part in an official government count is expected to be widespread.

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“There’s been an increased use of one’s immigration status as a form of intimidation,” she said.

For Ocasio-Cortez, a full Census count is more than a matter of making sure her district gets all the funds and services it’s due. In a sense, her own political fortunes could hang in the balance.

A review by THE CITY, building on data and analysis by The Texas Tribune, suggests Ocasio-Cortez’ district could be particularly vulnerable to undercount because a little over a quarter of those living there are non-citizens.

That’s a higher percentage than any other congressional district in the state.

A Census undercount in Ocasio-Cortez’ district and elsewhere in the state could lead to the elimination of congressional districts — potentially setting off politically charged redistricting battles.

New York already is on track to lose up to two congressional seats during reapportionment due to population decline and slower rate of growth, according to a December report by Election Data Services.

So, who exactly is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and how did she go from literally being a bartender to becoming a United States Congresswoman?

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We don’t tend to buy into wild conspiracy theories, but when it comes to the Democrats, we’re fairly certain there’s no plot or scheme that’s too outrageous for them, especially when it comes to undermining America. Originally, the idea of Ocasio-Cortez auditioning for her role as a US Congresswoman seemed a bit off-the-rails, but as it turns out, it’s not really that crazy after all.

“Who are the brains behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?” asks “Mr. Reagan.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not really the congresswoman of New York’s 14th Congressional District. She is, essentially an actress. She’s merely playing the part of a New York Congresswoman.

I know this sounds crazy…but bear with me.

In 2017, a group called the Justice Democrats held auditions for potential congressional candidates that they would run on their platform for various congressional seats throughout the country. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brother, Gabriel, submitted her for the role.

In 2017, a group called the Justice Democrats held auditions for potential congressional candidates that they would run on their platform for various congressional seats throughout the country. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brother, Gabriel, submitted her for the role.

“Mr. Reagan” explains that he has also auditioned for many acting roles and has cast many people for roles. He claims that the Justice Democrats casting was perfect, saying that Ocasio-Cortez has “star power.” He explains that she’s “a superstar—the most famous person in Congress—maybe ever.” Mr. Reagan admits that he didn’t have to “go digging” for proof that Ocasio-Cortez was selected from a casting call for the part of US Congresswoman, saying, “They freely admit it. They brag about it,”

The video flips to Alexandra Rojas, the soft-spoken, very radical, executive director of “Justice Democrats.” “Back in 2016, we put out a call for nominations. We got over 10,000 nominations. Out of those 10,000 nominations, we found Alexandria.”

“My brother told me that he had sent my nomination in the summer, but I was literally working out of a restaurant. I was like, no way!” Ocasio can be seen saying, as she sits at a table with her now chief of staff, 33-year-old Saikat Chakrabarti, who is currently under investigation for FEC violations, after it was discovered that he funneled over $1 million in political donations into two of his own private companies. Seated next to Cahkrabarti, is the radical executive director of Justice Democrats, the group behind the casting call for Ocasio-Cortez’s job. Next to Ocasio-Cortez is Corbin Trent, is a Saul Alinsky disciple and is also Ocasio-Cortez’s top aide, or puppet master.

A casting call…they had a casting call. They cast Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the role of Congresswoman. And they did they so they could promote their own agenda.

In this video, I’m going to make three very serious accusations against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

1. She did not actually run for Congress.

2. She is a puppet Congresswoman.

3. The people controlling her are very dangerous.

Watch this stunning video, where “Mr. Reagan” explains how the Justice Democrats branded Ocasio-Cortez and how they used her brand to take control of the 14th District House seat.

What do you think? Is it a crazy conspiracy theory that radical Democrat groups are literally holding casting calls for future members of our United States Congress, or is this how future U.S. lawmakers will be chosen?

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