During an interview on the CBS Good Morning Show, Candice Bergen discussed the reboot of the “Murphy Brown” show with co-host Faith Ford. Bergen admitted that her hate for President Trump inspired her to do a reboot of the show. Since the debut of the show, Bergen has used the “comedy” to trash President Trump, his administration and his supporters.

Last Thursday, CBS aired a Thanksgiving episode of the rebooted Murphy Brown show. During the episode, Murphy Brown and friends got a visit from ICE agents. The agents claimed they saw a taco truck outside that was registered to an undocumented immigrant and they were there to deport the owners.

“Thanksgiving and Taking” caught the attention of Fox & Friends, which blasted the storyline as “grossly offensive.” The Fox & Friends Weekend hosts discussed the Murphy Brown episode at length, saying that CBS shouldn’t be pushing “a Hollywood narrative” or airing an “anti-law-and-order, anti-law-enforcement advertisement.”

During the segment, Murphy Brown picks up a giant metal spatula and threatens to assault the ICE agents if they don’t leave her illegal alien friends alone: “If you don’t get out of this truck, I will spatchcock you”.

Murphy Brown then makes an emotional plea to her audience to side with the Democrats who need the illegal aliens to help keep them in power by changing red and purple states blue: “I refuse to believe that we’ve become so jaded that we feel nothing when we see these human beings experience such heartache. There has to be a way to fix this.”

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Watch the clip from the grotesque, leftist piece of propaganda masquerading as “comedy” here:


Only weeks into the show, Murphy Brown snuck into a White House press conference where she confronted Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and called her a “liar”:


During their interview on the CBS Morning Show with Gail King, Bergen’s co-host Faith Ford attempted to claim that the reboot was not a Trump-bashing show. It turned out that she was either lying, or she didn’t have any control over the Trump-hate that was spewed every week on the CBS show.

Karma comes in many forms, and it looks like in the case of Candice Bergen, karma has arrived in the form of a cancellation of the reboot of her show. Apparently, bashing President Trump isn’t as popular in the rest of America as it is in the intolerant Hollywood bubble.

The Hollywood Reporter is now claiming that Murphy Brown’s new reboot has been canceled after historically low ratings.


For Murphy Brown, the rebooted series was always intended to be a closed-ended order of 13 episodes. The multicamera comedy, featuring the return of star Candice Bergen and from original creator Diane English, has underperformed (6.2 million total viewers and a 0.9 in the key 18-49 demo) in its prime Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. slot and remains in consideration for a renewal. Fellow multicamera comedy Fam, starring Nina Dobrev and Tone Bell — which has already changed showrunners — will take over Murphy Brown‘s slot starting Thursday, Jan. 10.


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