Mark Meadows didn’t waste any time today trying to call out Michael Cohen and his lawyer Lanny Davis.

He was furious about the fact that rules of the House Select Committee had been broken with the release of evidence after the 24-hour rule. The rule is that any evidence to be presented must be done so 24 hours prior to the hearing. Evidence from Cohen’s lawyers wasn’t produced until the morning of the hearing.

Meadows tried to delay the hearing (video below) because of the broken rule. The Dem majority on the committee overruled Meadows and voted to continue with the hearing.

The hearing did nothing but put Michael Cohen into further jeopardy with the courts because Meadows exposed him for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) during a heated exchange and later entered a referral for criminal investigation (see below):

Meadows followed up by holding up a document, and addressing Cohen directly, “Under your testimony, just a few minutes ago, to me, you indicated that you had contracts with foreign entities. And yet, we have a ‘truth in testimony’ disclosure form, which requires you to list those foreign contracts for the last two years, and you put ‘N/A’ on there.” Meadows warned Cohen, “And it’s a criminal offense to not have that accurately. So when were you lying?— Either on the testimony to me earlier today or when you filled out the form?” Clinton lawyer, Lanny Davis leaned in and whispered to Cohen, as Rep. Meadows was revealing to the committee members that Cohen was just caught in another lie.


Apparently, Cohen failed to list contracts with foreign companies that paid him for access to the Trump administration. Meadows mentioned a company called Novartis, which paid Cohen $1.2 million to act as a consultant on the Trump administration.

Right after the exchange, Meadows tweeted out:

I just entered a referral for criminal investigation of Michael Cohen, who violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act by illegally lobbying on behalf of foreign entities without registering Cohen talks about “blind loyalty.” His real blind loyalty? It’s to the almighty dollar.

Meadows started the hearing off this morning by trying to get it delayed because of a rule the Democrats broke:

He was overruled by the Democrats.


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