On Monday, a deranged woman walked around New York City wreaking havoc for nearly a half hour. The woman assaulted people, pulling hair and taking plates and cups out from under diners, smashing them on the ground. She was arrested after multiple calls to the police department were made.

Deranged woman arrested in New York City

According to the New York Post, as the crazed woman was being arrested after creating mayhem, a bystander told the police not to let her back onto the streets,

She needs to not be let out – no more. You don’t go around beating up strange people in the street — like seven people — pulling their hair, dragging them everywhere,” he said.

The woman walked from a park to a street and onto a sidewalk of shops and restaurants, where she flipped an occupied cafe table, threw chairs, smashed plates, and hurled cups.

In the park, she can be seen dragging a person by the hair before looking like she might assault a woman with a baby in her arms. From there, she continued, pulling a newspaper from a man’s hands and shredding it and becoming aggressive with onlookers.

The New York City spectators do not seem fazed by the bizarre behavior. Perhaps that is because crime has become the norm in New York City, thanks to weak leftist leadership.

Fox News reported that, according to the NYPD, the incident occurred around 4:20 in the afternoon. And in addition to throwing trash and a newspaper, the woman was also throwing glass, creating a scary situation.

“It was reported that the female was approaching various individuals, was screaming and throwing glass and various objects. Officers and EMS responded, and the female was transported to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.” according to an NYPD spokesperson.

Former NYPD sergeant Joseph Giacalone, who now teaches Criminal Justice at John Jay College, blamed the issue on the lack of help available to mental health patients saying the system needs to be fixed and that the woman is likely “a repeat offender that is not getting the care she needs,” He also said he believes the woman’s behavior shows that the system is broken. He called the situation,

“Another example of the system not working, forcing the cops to deal with it anyway.”

But with a George Soros-backed attorney general, like Alvin Bragg, who is anxious to pursue political opponents rather than solutions for a safer living environment for NYC residents, the problems for New Yorkers are likely just beginning.

Alvin Bragg by Reuters


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